a journey for generations to share.

a new picture book from Douglas Kaine McKelvey

illustrations by Jamin Still


Wingfeather Tales

Enter a world of bomnubbles and quarreling cousins, sea dragons and book publishers, thieves and Fangs and secret maps, with brand new tales written by: 

- Andrew Peterson (The Wingfeather Saga) 
- Jonathan Rogers (The Charlatan's Boy)
- N. D. Wilson (100 Cupboards)
- Jennifer Trafton (The Rise and Fall of Mount Majestic)
- Douglas Kaine McKelvey (The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog)
- A. S. Peterson (The Fiddler's Gun)

Featuring illustrations by Justin Gerard, Joe Sutphin, Doug TenNapel, John Hendrix, Cory Godbey, Nicholas Kole, and Aedan Peterson. Here are untold stories of the distant past, lost adventures, forgotten songs, and heartbreaking histories. The Shining Isle is restored, but Aerwiar is vast--and there are tales yet to tell.

The Angel Knew Papa And The Dog


"This book is a small masterpiece."

   --Cynthia Rylant, Newberry Medal Winner

"So beautiful."

   --Sarah Mackenzie, Read-Aloud Revival


Without Mama, life in the log house at the forest's edge can be lonely for a young girl. But there's Papa for company, and the two mules, Bartholomew and Thaddeus Frisco, and the big old dog that mysteriously showed up at the end of winter. Everything on the little homestead seems right and in its place--that is, until a powerful storm settles over the valley and threatens to take it all away. As the flood waters rise and separate the girl from her papa, will there be anything that can save her? 

Like a cross between "Sarah Plain and Tall" and the stories of George MacDonald, "The Angel Knew Papa And The Dog" is a lyrically-told, frontier wonder-tale of a little girl's faith, personal courage, and amazing survival in the wilderness.


Douglas Kaine McKelvey's critically acclaimed "children's novel for all ages" is now available in a new, illustrated edition as both paperback and eBook. 

McKelvey's writing is sparse and lyrical... This is a fine piece of writing that should find a niche with sensitive readers." 

Booklist (Starred Review)


This story is beautiful—beautiful in a mysterious, hopeful, wise way that gives the reader an assurance that though the waters rise and the night falls there is a great good in the world that hovers over the deep. I loved this book."

Andrew Petersonauthor of The Wingfeather Saga


McKelvey's first children's story is a small jewel… A lovely tale about the mysteries of love and faith.

Kirkus Reviews (Pointer Review)


A poetry chapbook. Currently out of print.

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